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Fuji is the pioneer in high velocity-low pressure spray guns. They have the highest quality HVLP on the market for professionals and home users alike. They offer a wide array of spray guns that will suit any and everyone’s needs. When you invest in a Fuji, it’s just that: an investment. Their products are top of the line and a hefty price tag is included. Don’t let that scare you off: when you purchase a Fuji you will get a top-notch tool that will stand the test of time and return your investment in longevity and quality time and time again.


ProductProduct NameUser RatingPrice
Fuji Spray 5175G - T75G Gravity Spray GunFuji Spray 5175G – T75G Gravity Spray Gun10/10
Fuji 5070 - T70 Spray GunFuji 5T70 Spray Gun8/10
Fuji XPC Spray GunFuji 9600-G Gravity G-XPC Spray Gun 8/10
fuji semi pro 2Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 – Gravity HVLP Spray System8/10
fuji q5 platinum reviewFuji 2895-T75G Q5 Platinum Quiet HVLP Spray System8/10

Why Is Fuji Spray A Leader In HVLP Paint Sprayers?

Fuji is the leading brand and at the forefront of innovative HVLP spray gun technology. Fuji has been manufacturing HVLP spray guns since 1986 and they have set the bar high when it comes to new technology and quality workmanship. Customer service is top-notch and Fuji prides themselves on the level of care they provide. All their guns are adjustable, customizable and very quiet while operating. Gaining popularity and loved by anyone needing a fine, professional finish, HVLP is far superior to a standard spray gun. Since the pressure coming out of the HVLP gun is low, the finish is atomized and the resulting spray is fine and even, with very little bounce back. There is much less overspray, waste and you can achieve a perfect finish when using a Fuji HVLP spray gun.

What Are Fuji Spray guns Suitable For Spraying?

Fuji spray guns are suitable for spraying pretty much any finish you will need to use. Since all their guns are very versatile, with a quick change of the air cap, you can expertly spray thick lacquers to very watery, fine finishes. Fuji spray guns are very lightweight and portable making it easy to finish any job, whether you’re a weekend warrior, have your own automotive paint shop, and everything in between. Fuji paint sprayers can even be used in confectionery applications and spray-tanning. All of their guns are very easy to use, if you can use a paint roller, you will have no issues with a Fuji spray gun. Cleaning up is a snap as well: all of their guns break down very easily and all you need to do is run soapy water or solvent (depending on the finish used) through the gun, soak the needle, nozzle and air cap and it is done.

Fuji spray gun reviews

Fuji Spray 5175G – T75G Gravity Spray Gun

fuji t75g spray gun

This T-75Ggravity fed spray gun comes equipped with a hefty, center mounted nylon 600cc capacitycup, so it’ll never feel off-balance in your hand. A nylon cup means a perfectseal without the need for a gasket. The air cap included is a standard 1.3mmwhich will let you spray most finishes and more sizes are available to fit yourneeds. There are additional sized nylon cups and air caps available to workwith any size or type of project. The pattern knob is located on the side foreasy access and is fully adjustable for greater control, from a very smalltight spray to a wide circle for larger products. The rear nipple tube isrotating for greater maneuverability, this is ideal for people who areleft handed. 

Top Features


  • Nylon cup may not be as sturdy as their stainless steel counterparts.
  • Best for small to medium jobs.
  • Wide spray pattern – may not be suitable for very narrow jobs.
  • High price point – may not be the best choice for new users.

Fuji 5070 – T70 Spray Gun

Fuji 5070 - T70 Spray Gun

The Fuji T70 is a bottom feed spray gun with a sizable stainless steel quart cup included. Also included is the standard 1.3mm air cap which is good for most finer finishes. A larger air cap is needed for latex paint or large jobs like painting walls that require a thicker coat of paint. Fuji offers different sized air caps for this sprayer to suit every need. The pattern knob is side-mounted for ease of use and greater control over your spray pattern. The rear nipple nozzle is rotating for greater maneuverability and is great for left-handed users. The T-70 is the spray gun that is included with the all-in-one systems Fuji offers.

Top Features


  • Stainless steel cups and parts for strength and longevity.
  • Available kit to switch from bottom-feed to top-feed and vice versa.
  • Non-bleed – no air kicking up dust everywhere.
  • Side-mounted pattern knob – very easy to adjust for every project need.
  • Lightweight and versatile – less likely to get fatigued using it on larger jobs.
  • Easy to clean – No need to take everything apart, just run water or solvent through the gun.
  • Siphon fed means spraying with a full range of motion and in hard-to-reach places.
  • Bottom feed, siphon fed – may clog more often.
  • High price point – may not be suitable for beginners.

Fuji 9600-G Gravity G-XPC Spray Gun

Fuji XPC Spray Gun

The Fuji 9600 model is a gravity fed, 400cc capacity side-mounted cup sprayer with one huge difference from other gravity fed models: the cup is pressurized so the gun can be swiveled and tilted in any direction without losing pressure. The air cap included is 1.4mm so this gun is best for thin, fine finishes.

Top Features


  • ​Non-bleed – quiet operation and no spraying dust all over.
  • Side-mounted pattern knob – easily adjust width and shape of spray for any project.
  • Ability to spray with a huge range of motion – vertical, horizontal or even upside down.
  • Pressurized gravity fed – will never lose pressure even when paint cup is running low.
  • Easy to clean – pieces all break down easily.
  • Included cup is 400cc, may need to purchase a larger one separately for bigger jobs.
  • This gun is best for fine finishes: automotive parts, cabinetry, light enamels.
  • Side-mounted cup may feel off balance in hand and when using for long periods.
  • High cost – may not be suitable for newer painters or part-time enthusiasts.

Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 – Gravity HVLP Spray System

fuji semi pro 2

The Fuji Semi-Pro 2 System is the entire package. Included is the M-Model spray gun with a pressurized 400cc gravity fed, side-mounted cup fitted with a 1.3mm air cap. Hard to reach or verticle jobs are easily tackled with the maneuverability of the pressurized cup. The M-model gun can be altered to a bottom-fed cup style with an expansion kit sold separately. The M-model parts are not compatible with any of the other Fuji spray guns, but they do offer six different air cap options which is more than any of the other models Fuji manufactures. There is a fan control knob at the rear for greater pattern versatility and it is non-bleed for reduced noise and disruptive operation. You also get the sturdy metal encased 1400 watt 2-stage turbine with a 25ft whip hose attached.

Top Features

  • Stainless steel pressurized cup means you can spray in any and every direction.
  • Includes gun, turbine and 25ft whip hose.
  • Spray gun can be modified from bottom fed to gravity fed and vice versa.
  • Turbine has a 2-stage motor so it has plenty of power for any project.
  • Multiple sized air caps and cups can be purchased separately for different job types.
  • Easy to clean – pieces break down easily.
  • Lightweight – good for reducing fatigue.


  • High price point – for serious semi-pro painters and enthusiasts.
  • Small capacity cup included – may need to purchase larger ones separately.
  • Fan control knob is located at the back of the gun – not in the most accessible spot to use while spraying.
  • Two-stage turbine speed is not adjustable.

Fuji 2895-T75G Q5 Platinum Quiet HVLP Spray System

fuji q5 platinum review

The Fuji Q5 Platinum is the most powerful and quiet whole system they offer. Included is the T-75G spray gun which has a 600cc gravity fed cup and the standard 1.3mm air cap. It is a non-bleed gun and has the side mounted fan control knob for greater versatility and ease of use. Lightweight and comfortable to use, the T-75G can handle pretty much anything. The included professional turbine is a 5-stage adjustable speed motor with a full 9.5psi at the highest, but starts at 6.5psi and goes anywhere in between. Which means it’s perfect for any project you’re working on now and into the future. Fuji has patented a heat dissipation chamber on the Platinum turbines. In order to improve the lifespan and make the turbine as quiet and cool running as possible, they have a dedicated chamber at the back with numerous perforations to let the hot air escape. Fuji has built this system to last.

Top Features


  • Very quiet, lightweight and portable.
  • Includes professional gun, turbine and 25ft whip hose.
  • Powerful 5-stage motor that has adjustable fan speed.
  • T-75G spray gun can be easily customized for different projects.
  • Easy to clean – parts break down easily.
  • This is a professional system – not for weekend warriors.
  • Very high cost.

Fuji Spray FAQs

Why choose a Fuji HVLP paint sprayer instead of a standard one?

Standard spray guns that attach to a compressor have too much pressure which makes the paint splatter all over instead of a fine, professional finish the high velocity/ low-pressure guns produce. Fuji sprayers also reduce the time it takes to finish a project and since there’s less overspray there’s less waste of materials.

Do you have to buy a turbine in order to use a Fuji HVLP spray gun?

Not necessarily, Fuji does manufacture guns that can be used with a shop compressor, but the majority of their spray guns are only compatible with a turbine. Compressors have too much pressure and a kit is needed to reduce the amount of air propelling through the paint gun. With compressors also come noise and the turbines that Fuji manufactures are compact, efficient and quiet.

Can I use epoxy with a Fuji HVLP spray gun?

No. Epoxies, tar, glues and other very thick materials will not work well with Fuji paint sprayers since the spray gun is atomizing the coating and can not break it apart into a super-fine mist when it’s too thick. A viscous substance will not spray evenly and leave an unappealing finish or even clog. Even latex paints should be thinned a bit so the resulting finish is flawless. Polyurethanes, enamels and the like will work wonderfully.

Why is a Fuji spray gun better than brush or roller application?

Using a Fuji paint sprayer cuts your work time significantly from traditional application methods and also reduces paint consumption drastically, saving not only time but money. The finish achieved from a Fuji spray gun is far superior in every way from a paintbrush or roller. There no brush marks or uneven spots to contend with, just a smooth professional finish. Since it’s so easy to use and clean a Fuji paint sprayer, it won’t be a hassle to use it even for the smallest jobs.

Can I use a Fuji HVLP spray gun to paint the exterior of my house?

It is very possible to finish a large-scale job like the exterior of a home with a Fuji paint sprayer. However, the capacity of the paint cups is designed more for medium jobs such as; cabinets, furniture, finish projects and interior walls You can do a larger scale job, you would just need to refill the cup more often. The optional larger cup sizes would make painting or staining a deck or fence a breeze.

How do I clean a Fuiji HLVP spray gun?

Fuji has made maintenance on their spray guns very simple. All you need is a bucket of soapy water or solvent and some paper towels. The first step is to run soapy water or solvent if necessary (depending on the type of finish you used in the gun) through the assembled spray gun. Then, break down the needle, fluid nozzle and air cap to soak in the cleaning solution of choice. You should scrub any pieces if necessary and wipe everything down with paper towels to make sure it is clean and ready to go for your next project.

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