Dusichin Airless paint spray gun, DUS-036

Best Airless Paint Sprayers – Dusichin is a brand that has offered various airless paint spray guns and Dusichin Airless paint spray gun, DUS-036 is one of the best products. If you have an intention to get the best quality of paint on your wall, cars, furniture or other items then in my opinion, you have been looking for this model. When you will use it, you will find it really professional on one side and very simple to use on the other side. Even the beginners can use this airless paint spray gun without any difficulty.
Given below are some interesting and amazing features of Dusichin Airless paint spray gun, DUS-036 and in fact these features make it the best airless paint sprayer:
Pressure capacity- It is a high-quality airless paint spray gun because it can support up to 3600 PSI pressure. It’s really enough to accomplish the painting task in an appropriate and professional way.
Good for different surfaces- Whether you need to paint your furniture or you have an intention to provide a professional coating to the walls of your house, you will find this spray gun equally good. In fact, it has been constructed for multiple purposes.
Instant cleaning- Most of the people prefer this spray gun because it is easy to clean it. Sometimes, painting doesn’t take much time but cleaning process takes a lot of time and that makes you frustrated. Anyways, you don’t need to bear this type frustration in case of Dusichin airless paint spray gun.
Simple installation- You don’t need to be an expert in order to install and use this spray gun because even the beginners can do it with the same level of proficiency. Therefore, the company has left no further excuse to ignore this airless paint spray gun but now, the decision is yours!
Technical details:
Item weight: 1.25 Pounds
Item dimensions: 9.6 x 6.8 x 2.2 inches
Model number: DUS-036


If you have the interest to explore the benefits or pros of Dusichin Airless paint spray gun, DUS-036, then carry on reading here:

  • This sprayer is really simple to clean and hence it is easy to use as well as maintain.
  • It is seriously an economical replacement for any other expensive airless sprayer.
  • You can use this sprayer to paint your furniture or homes even if you are not professional in this field.
  • The tip of this device composed of brass rather than zinc or any other cheap material.


There are the following general cons or the limitations of this airless paint sprayer:

  • One drawback of this sprayer is that it comes with a metric hose and you have to fit this sprayer with that metric hose. The fitting on the new guns is quite different from old ones and hence it may be an issue for the users.
  • The nozzle may not seal tightly with the gun and that’s why it can get leaked.

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