9 Best Indoor Paint sprayer

Best indoor paint sprayer? If you have been considering taking on a large painting project, it would be convenient to get a paint sprayer instead of using the traditional paint brushes and rollers. A paint sprayer makes work very comfortable and easy. It speeds up performance and it would take you much shorter time to accomplish the job compared to if you had just used brushes.


There are now so many products to choose from when you are looking for a paint sprayer especially for people who have a limited budget. You can also choose a more professional model as opposed to the regular paint sprayers. The most important thing, however, is getting a paint sprayer that can do the job or project you have on hand. Before you decide on getting a paint sprayer, you need to understand the features that are available in most paint sprayers to determine the one that suits your needs. Some of the characteristics are very critical especially for the type of project you going to be working on.

When choosing an interior paint sprayer, there several variables to consider. We have listed out some of the features you should look out for in an interior paint sprayer below:


Painting Job?

Depending on the type of paint job you are planning to use the indoor paint sprayer for, you should know that are many types available in the market. It is important that you know how each one of them works so you can choose the right type of paint sprayer. There is conventional high-pressure paint sprayer that is very easy to use but not as reliable as the other types. It is very affordable but can be tough to control the paint flow. You probably wouldn’t use this type of paint sprayer for painting baseboards. If you are looking for a paint sprayer with a better control system, you should look out for paint sprayer models with HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) technology. The HVLP allows you to easily control the paint pressure to cover the surface area better.


Another option to consider is also getting an airless paint sprayer which allows you paint without making use of air. It is normally used by professionals and makes the job very fast. It does not create a mess around your work area.

Paint pressure

The amount of pressure or power that the paint sprayer produces will determine how fast you complete the job. It helps the nozzle release more paint to cover a wider area. High-pressure paint sprayers are meant for people who like working with speed.


Paint coverage area

Paint sprayers are good at spraying paint over large surfaces but some do a better job than others. If you are looking for a paint sprayer with a wider coverage area, it is best to look at the volume which is usually measured in GPM.

If you are looking for the best paint sprayer that could help you for your paint job, then you need to look at the features they offer. Here are some of the best paint sprayers we have recommended that you can use for your paint job.

Best Indoor Paint sprayer

  1. Tacklife Paint Sprayer 800ml/min, with Electric Spray Gun

The TackleLife paint sprayer comes with three different spray patterns which include vertical flat jet, horizontal flat jet, and circular jet. You can easily access these features by simply rotating the tip of the spray to select the different spray patterns. It also has four different nozzles sizes that allow you to easily adjust the spray of the paint. It is designed with ABS plastic and is suitable for spraying cars, wooden products, home appliance parts and steel furniture. The spray gun has a canister cover that comes with a quick refill lid for the paint container. The container can take about 900ml of paint and you don’t need to refill every time. The parts of the gun can easily be detached and are it very easy to clean.

This TackleLife spray gun has a long power cord measuring 5.9ft to allow you to conveniently work around without any interference. This spray also has a power capacity of 400W and has a spray width lever switch that can be adjusted either to the right or left to control the spray.


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  1. HomeRight Finish Max C800766, C900076 Paint Sprayer Power Painter, Home Paint Sprayer Tool for Spray Painting

This paint sprayer is designed with a fine and quality finish. It can easily apply paint over stains to save time unlike using a paint roller. It is very easy to use and is suitable for use when spraying furniture, cabinets, doors, craft, and dressers. It fits perfectly in the hand that makes the spray for faster to do.

You can use this paint sprayer with any type of paint and any color. It gives a very fine finish which you won’t get from using paint brushes or rollers. This sprayer has an adjustable air cap that can atomize paint to tiny particles to produce the fine finish. It is very easy to clean and it comes with self-contained spraying unit that does not require a compressor.


The HomeRight paint sprayer is designed with a precision brass spray nozzle and tip for better performance. It has a power capacity of 400W.


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  1. Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer

The Wagner’s paint sprayer is designed with HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) technology that allows you easily control its three spray patterns. It also has a variable-control trigger that comes with patterns from 1 to 10inches. This sprayer is suitable for spraying over stains, lightweight materials, and sealers. You can easily change the paint with its Lock-n-Go technology feature. It makes the spraying work fast.

The Wagner paint sprayer’s HVLP technology makes it suitable for spraying thin materials like lacquers, urethanes, varnishes, stains etc. It has an indoor and outdoor air turbine that allows the material/paint flow continuously to produce a fine finish.


Its air cap can easily be adjusted in three positions horizontal fan, vertical fan and round pattern shapes to make the work easy and very fast. This paint sprayer usually gives a very fine finish over a wide coverage area. It is easy to assemble its parts and it takes less than 10 minutes to clean it. Wagner paint sprayer can be used on furniture, fences, trim, decks and cabinets. It is very easy to use by simply squeezing the trigger you can just start painting.


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  1. FLEXiO 590 Sprayer


This is another paint sprayer from Wagner which is ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses. It is a hand-held paint sprayer that can be used for different kinds of projects. It has an X-boost turbine with a power capacity that comes with an adjustable control. This sprayer offers full coverage painting and a low overspray. The Flexio 590 is designed with two nozzles, the iSpray nozzle, and the detail Finish nozzle. The iSpray nozzle is used when you need to get a fine finish on a broad surface while the other nozzle is fine finishing on smaller surfaces. It is about.

The sprayer is also very quiet compared to other airless sprayers and is very light to hold with its weight of 4.95 pounds. The Flexio 590 sprayer comes with a slightly stippled roller-like finish that makes it a good option for use on interior walls, corners, edges and broader surfaces. It saves time when using this sprayer and it can cover a very wide area. Its X-Boost Turbine provides the spray with three-time more power than regular sprayers and it can spray any type of coating.


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  1. Wagner Control Spray Max


This paint sprayer can spray materials that are 1/2″ to 12″ wide with very good control. It gives precision that makes it better than using brushes and spray cans to get a fine finish work. It is designed with HVLP technology which atomizes materials into fine particles. The Wagner Control Spray Max is a metal spray gun with a strong two-stage turbine that can paint over walls and surfaces using latex paints. It can also be used to paint thinner materials like lacquers and stains.

This indoor paint sprayer has three spray patterns and comes with a 20-foot air hose that allows you to spray over a very wide area. It also has a Lock-n-Go front end to easily change the material quickly. It has two air filters that keep dust away from the finishing. You can use the Control Spray Max for surfaces like cabinets, stain furniture, woodwork, decks, and doors.


With the Control Spray Max, you can spray a variety of different paints, primers, lacquers, and stains. Use it to prime and paint cabinets, door trim, and decks, or to stain furniture, woodworking projects, and more.


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  1. Wagner FLEXiO 890 Paint Sprayer

The Wagner FLEXiO 890 can be used for indoor and outdoor paint jobs. It comes with an iSpray nozzle that is sufficient for paint broader surfaces and it also has a detail finish nozzle for smaller surface projects. The X-Boost Turbine technology gives the machine a spraying power that makes the work to be done within a shorter time.


The Wagner FLEXIO can paint over a wall of 8’ x 10’ wall within 5 minutes using unthinned latex paint. It comes with an adjustable trigger to control the amount of flow of paint for the paintwork to be done. It also has a Lock-n-Go feature allows the sprayer to be cleaned easily and to also change the material.



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  1. Fuji Mini-Mite 4 PLATINUM

The Fuji Mini-Mite paint sprayer comes with extra performance with its 4-stage turbine. This indoor paint sprayer works with thicker materials and is designed with a metal casing that makes it durable. Inside the metal casing, you will find a pattern control knob which is directly on the spraying gun for convenience. When using the machine you won’t have to switch it off to change the pattern. The paint sprayer comes with the HVLP technology that provides more control when spraying paint on surfaces. Its HVLP system allows it to perform effectively.


The Fuji paint sprayer gives a very smooth fine finish for work done and has a trigger that automatically turns off the machine. It comes with a very long hose which measures 25 feet that allows you to touch corners and very far areas. The hose and the gun were built carefully and with the best quality materials to achieve the best results for your job. This paint sprayer is very easy to maintain.


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  1. Wagner Power Painter Plus


The Wagner Power Painter Plus is a hand-held paint sprayer that comes with an Ez Tilt and Optimus Dual Tip Technology. It works up to three times as fast as a brush and it uses a high speed piston pump technology to achieve a very fine finish. The Ez Tilt makes it easy for you spray at any angle you desire. The paint sprayer takes less than five minutes to set it up and is very easy to clean. The Wagner Power Painter Plus is ideal for spraying shutters, sheds, fences, lattice, and other smaller areas in the house. The Optimus Dual Tip feature makes a low-pressure vacuum between the two spray jets which allows it to take in more paint and it produces a very even coverage. The dual tip can be rotated in a horizontal or vertical pattern.





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  1. Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360 Paint Sprayer

This paint sprayer is designed with a reversible spray tip that allows you to easily return the tip when it is clogged to continue your spray job. It comes with a Stainless Steel Piston Pump for spraying unthinned paint at a very high pressure. The paint sprayer is designed with a VacuValve technology (the FlexLiner Paint Bag) that allows an airtight system so you can spray at any angle. This paint sprayer is convenient to use in the home and is suitable for spraying doors, interior walls, trims, ceilings, outdoor furniture, fences and garage doors.




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  1. Earlex HV5500 Spray Station

The Earlex Spray Station is a designed for semi-professionals. It has a strong 650W turbine that offers the best performance and produces a very fine finish. It is comfortable to use and has a good control system that prevents problems like excessive overspray. The paint sprayer can be used for both indoor and outdoor jobs and it supports materials like thinned latex, oils, acrylics, varnishes and shellacs. It is easy to set up and also clean. It has a long hose and power cord measuring 13 feet that allows you to work comfortably without restriction. It takes a while to master how to use this sprayer though and it is not meant for beginners. If you want to get a very good job done you will need to get extra needle sizes for accuracy, especially for detail-oriented projects.





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