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Astro spray gun. This brand of paint sprayer guns are high in quality and efficiency. They are well crafted to handle their designated purposes to the letter. According to many of their users, they are, quite a handful with no severe issues when handled well. They come with proper consumer guides thus reducing damage before use. They are quite durable and easy to use. Astro Pneumatic spray guns come in different sizes and shapes. Below we sample some.

  1. Astro 4008 Spray Gun with Cup, Red Handle, 1.8mm Nozzle

This type of Astro Pneumatic spray guns has been specially crafted for quick application of dense coatings, primers, and glues. It is applicable in a range of areas including production, body, industrial, woodworking, marine and cabinet shops. Due to its capacity to minimize waste, it saves money and increases productivity.

Top Features

  • Weight: the sprayer weighs 3 pounds and measures 12×7.2 x4.2 inches
  • Exclusive air valve: The air valve has a unique design.
  • It is easy to maintain: The spray gun is easy to clean after use.
  • Versatile: AST4008 is a multipurpose gun.
  • The gun fan has a widespread pattern regulator and is flexible.
  • Functional capacity: The nozzle size is 1.8 mm while the cup capacity is 1- quart.
  • Has a beautiful color which is red.
  • A warranty of one year supports the sprayer.


  • The sprayer is well crafted. However, you may require a compressor.
  • Does not work well with thick paints

How Best to use AST4008

AST4008 works well with epoxy, cerakote, polyurethane, and lacquer. For others, it will require some thinning by water. There is also a need for external mixing of the unit gun at the sprayer nozzle.

  1. Astro 2PG7S 2 Quart Pressure Pot with Gun and Hose Paint and Body Spray Guns
Astro 2PG7S Pressure Pot spray gun

Astro 2PG7S 2 Quart Pressure Pot with Gun and Hose Paint and Body Spray Guns has well-considered accuracy. This is supported by the liquid pressure regulator and the pressure gauge. An operator can alternatively mix as well as paint 2 quarts of 1893cc. Astro 2PG7S 2 is well adapted for more prominent regions like buses, vans, and trucks. In the set, there is a pressure cup, spray gun, fluid hose of 6ft

Top Features

  • Pressure spray gun and 2-quart pressure pot. ( 1893cc)
  • A 6ft twin set of hose which allows free movement and maneuvering of the spray gun.
  • Fitted with both fluid pressure regulator and pressure gauge to promote accuracy in the setting.
  • Brilliant for spraying bigger surfaces such as vans, buses, and trucks.
  • Helps an operator to blend and paint double quarts of (1893 cc) individually
  • Along hose that can extend as long as 10 feet
  • A remarkable 2.5-gallon pot tank that will decrease the number of refills
  • The pressure of 25-30 psi


  • Astro 2PG7S 2 can be rusty in case of unattended moisture
  • The manufacture hose is not adaptable to spraying adhesive
  1. Astro EUROHV103 EuroPro Forged HVLP Spray Gun with 1.3mm Nozzle and Plastic Cup
Astro EUROHV103 EuroPro

ASTEUROHV103 is a modern sprayer specifically for spraying paints. It is quite efficient, durable and easy to carry due to the lightweight. As far as metallic colors are concerned, ASTEUROHV103 will do the trick. ASTEUROHV103, however, is also adaptable on small surfaces. The gun sprayer is highly booted by the massive transfer efficiency rate which is 86%. There are many reasons for you to choose ASTEUROHV103 for your painting purposes.

Top Features

The unique features of the ASTEUROHV103are certainly it’s strength.

  • The gun is light in weight but durable overall.
  • Quite and efficient
  • The operating pressure is 29psi.
  • The gun comes with a quick thread technology hence smooth operations
  • The cup capacity is well considered at 600ml.
  • ASTEUROHV103 transfer rate is massive at 86%.
  • ASTEUROHV103 is a metallic color expert
  • Max. The pattern is at 4″-7″: 9″-10.25″ giving the operator a broad scope,


  • Separate spare parts are not easily found in the market.
  • The ASTEUROHV103 small tip is not too friendly with paints that are thick and heavy.
  1. Astro EVOT14 EuroPro Forged LVLP Spray Gun with 1.4mm Nozzle and Plastic Cup
Astro EVOT14 Europro

It is well found ready for longer tool life because of its forged body. On top, it is anodized to shield it from corrosion. The needle is stainless as well as the fluid tip. EVOT13 has been innovatively done with the CNC machining sparing the necessity for gaskets for the fluid advice. The spray gun is easy to control, and the soft trigger helps to reduce fatigue. EVOT13 features have enhanced it for efficiency in its purpose.

Top Features

  • It is an advanced and Innovative EVO-T technology that produces a classic quality and premium atomization.
  • Longer tool life due to the forged body which has also been anodized to keep it free of corrosion and enhanced with the coated internal passage.
  • Controlled overspray and pollution supported by the air curtain design. Paint consumption is also manageable due to the superior transfer proficiency.
  • It reduces fatigue because of the soft trigger and lubricated tuning knobs hence more natural control.
  • Easy cleaning for the stainless needle and the slick furnished fluid tip.


  • Most users may need a regulator to manage low volumes.
  1. Astro EUROHE103 EuroPro High Efficiency/High Transfer Spray Gun with 1.3mm Nozzle and Plastic Cup
Astro Eurohe103

EUROHE103 is a pro-style high transfer and efficient spray gun at a considerable cost. Its internals is coated and stainless thus to clean the gun is very easy. The body has been anodized to avoid corrosion. With EUROHE103you expect efficiency as the fluid tip has a distinctive pattern that offers full coverage. The spray gun has an excellent transfer efficiency and a quick thread technology. The fluid advice is compatible for a majority of regular cups. The soft triggers reduce fatigue, and the operator can run smooth.

Top Features

  • CNC machining that helps to eliminate the need for gaskets that are usually behind the fluid tip.
  • It has high compatibility with the disposable and traditional cup systems.
  • Shielded from corrosion because the body is anodized and the internals are done with stainless steel.
  • Time-saving is owing to the high-efficiency pattern design which covers broad areas.
  • The operating pressure is 29psi
  • It involves lower overlap than the usual HVLP’s
  • The regulator is integrated with the Avg. Air consumption at: 10.5-12.5cfm.


  • Astro EUROHE103 may not be well adaptable with bigger compressors.
  1. Astro AS7SP Spray Gun with Cup, Black Handle, 1.8mm Nozzle
Astro AS7SP

Astro AS7SP Spray Gun with Cup, Black Handle, 1.8mm Nozzle is intended for high material delivery. It is versatile in that it is adaptable for a variety of viscosities whether heavy or delicate. With it is a dripless cup of 1quart. It has minimal waste with increased productivity. Use AS7SP Spray Gun for woodwork, marines, body and cabinet shops.

Top Features 

  • AS7SP Spray Gun is an all-purpose item which is easy to paint as well as to clean.
  • AS7SP Spray Gun nozzle size is 1.8 mm giving it an ample capacity for spraying.
  • The gun is adaptable, and the fan has a full pattern control.
  • The dripless cup has a modest size of 1 quart or 946cc.
  • The AS7SP Spray Gun has two-piece constructions, and the design of the air valve is quite exclusive.


Astro Spray Gun Verdict

The verdict is in. Whether you’re painting plastic or you’re painting steel, you can’t go wrong with you using any model in the Astro Spray Gun lineup.

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