5 Best TCPGlobal Spray Guns


TCPGlobal Spray Guns. These spray guns are used for spray painting and have significantly evolved. Over the years airbrushes were used, but as of now, we have moved to the spray gun which offers much more precision and does a better job than its predecessor. The spray gun employs a new technology that encompasses the use of compressed air to redirect the paint particles onto a surface. It usually comes in either an electronic or hand-held pack, but it all depends on your preferences.

The spray gun comes with the advantage of covering larger surfaces which immensely reduces the amount of time taken when painting. Moreover, it is easy to carry as well as storing is not much of a hustle. The spray gun is versatile in the sense of the materials used by it which include ink, paint or varnish. It avails the possibility of painting various patterns which is an advantage as you do not have to look elsewhere in case you need a change in the pattern look. This has been provided for due to the interchangeable heads that come with the guns. With that said let us delve into the types of the spray gun and get to know which gun might be the best to suit your needs.


1. TCP Global Complete Professional 9 Piece HVLP Spray Gun Kit

tcpglobal spray gun kitThe customer reviews on this one come in thick and fast. Averaging at about 85% customer satisfaction, it is safe to say that most have been happy with the TCP 9 Piece HVLP Spray Gun. Among the many views include comments on the flawless painting experience that the gun comes with. Another unique aspect is that for the case of beginners who are not well- versed in the painting industry it comes as an easy tool to work with and the work done can be highly thought off to be that of a pro. The gun comes in at a decent cost and is well worth the money spent due to its high functionality. The triggers also were reported to be smooth, and one did not have to struggle a lot as with other spray guns. When it came to priming work, the tool was highly praised as it gave a pleasant finish and the job done can be said to be perfect.

Top Features

  • The item weighs 6.55 pounds
  • It has a rigid make as it does not fold
  • It measures 17 by 14 by 5 inches
  • The full package comes with two full-size guns
  • The gun is fitted with an inline filter and an air regulator
  • Full One Year Warranty


  • Hard to disassemble the parts for cleaning
  • Few instructions on the pamphlet
  • They are not for professional use
  • The packaging is not very presentable

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2. TCP Global 2.5mm Hvlp Spray Gun-auto Paint Primer-metal Flake with Air Regulator

primer spray gunThe gun is highly rated all over and comes in as a recommended item. If you are planning on spraying thick paint, then this might be the gun just for you. It also works favorably well with latex paints, and the lay often is very smooth. Among other things is the fact that in the instance that you need to thin the paint, then you can be sure that it will work with no foreseen problem. Though it might be a challenge to get the consistency right, it may happen to be an excellent tool for this particular type of paint. According to a customer, the product is advantageous to use especially on small tasks like furniture or doors, and it is cleaning is quite fast and easy. Furthermore, it is easy to fix and comes with all the fixtures you may need which is an added plus as it also is well balanced and the parts are tightly attached to avoid any leakages. Knowing this it is clear that most people like it and therefore it would be worth every dime.

Top Features

  • Pattern width of 150 to 180mm
  • A pressure of 2.0-3.5 bar
  • Knobs for adjustments
  • Nozzle and steel needle
  • Air consumption 150 to 180I/min
  • Fine metering control


  • The cap is hard to remove
  • No stand for the gun
  • No valves that close up the lid Less number of seals
  • Does not last long after continuous usage

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3. TCP Global Brand Professional 1.3mm HVLP Spray Gun

tcp global 1 3mm HVLP Spray GunThe spray gun has been now to set the bar regarding quality. It is very flexible and has made painting become quite an easy task. This spray gun is among the leading as it also encompasses functionality that is complemented by it being supple as it is possible to vary the application distance and inlet pressure. For an application of a primer or sealer, it can far outreach your expectations as it performs almost flawlessly. The gun handle has received modifications which according to most is most welcomed since it fits well with most palms. Regardless of the size of your hands, you can be confident that it is a winner and you surely will not be disappointed. The ergonomics without a doubt are at their very best added with the smooth material flow. The gun also has been said to be light which makes it easy to handle which also adds to the high precision that is common with this gun. It is clear to see that for the few cash it costs you it is clear to see that it will surely cover most of your painting needs with ease.

Top Features

  • Knobs for adjustments
  • Diaphragm control
  • Metering control
  • Fits most spray guns
  • Nozzle set and stainless needle


  • Not very good air regulator
  • Some parts leak and drip
  • Poor performance with latex paints
  • Needs higher pressure to obtain a good pattern

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4. TCP Global Pressure Tank Paint Spray Gun with 1.5 Mm Nozzle 2-1/2 Gal. Pressure Pot & Spray Gun with Hoses

TCP Global Pressure TankFor most people, all that they need is easy to work with a gun that runs smoothly which also has a long life. The excellent ideas that have gone to this particular gun have set customers to go wild with appraisals. Stout but still low in weight most have complimented on the surprising low weight despite its toughness. Mostly the state of the art technology that has gone into its architecture come in highly recognized with most marveling at the excellence of its performance. The gun has also been noticeably in good working condition and sprays quite well. It can also work with many coatings which include latex, primers varnishes, and many others. Additionally, the tank and its capacity have also made it easier to carry more paint without having to refill from time to time. The performance of this gun is undeniable and from what people are saying you can be confident that your money will have been put to good use.

Top Features

  • Heavy duty tank
  • Pattern width 180 to 230mm
  • A pressure of 3.0 to 4.0 bar
  • A regulator that comes with a gauge
  • Instructional pamphlet
  • One year warranty


  • Pot should be on the air side of the gun
  • Valves are not tight enough
  • Rust on the inside tanks when used with water-based material
  • The container is quite heavy

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5. TCP Global Professional Gravity Feed HVLP Spray Gun with a 2.0mm Fluid Tip

TCPGlobal Gravity Feed HVLP Spray GunTo some, it worked just fine with few complaints been aired. The soft spray pattern and the perfect fittings are second to none. Though some expressed disappointment with the regulator, it still is clear that its performance is noteworthy. According to most clients the tool performs well especially with the perfect outcomes that go hand in hand with it. It also comes with unique features that can even shoot gel coat. Also, it has been said to work well with primers, and it can even spray 2k of primer which comes to most as good news. One even went on to add that he used the spray on his car and it did quite a commendable job. The spray gun provides for comfortable and easy application of the paints. The innovative spray control also sets it high on the rank list as it offers precision regardless of the object shape. The performance it showcases is outright good added to the fact that it is easy to use it. Knowing this it is clear that there is no doubt that the gun performs well and would be worth a try.

Top Features

  • Diaphragm adjusts automatically
  • Adjustment knob
  • Metering control
  • Fits with most spray guns
  • Air rage of -12 bar
  • Pattern width of 150-180mm


  • The regulator is no good
  • Has lubricants on which first need to be cleaned before use

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Best places to use TCPGlobal spray guns

When appropriately adjusted and operated well spray guns may as well perform quite many different operations. Commonly, spray guns are used on surfaces of objects ranging from motorbikes, cars or even different metallic objects around the house or a store. The automotive industry has particularly taken to this idea like a duck to water due to the tremendous effects it has. It does not matter whether it is fresh work, a total re-work or touch-ups you can be sure that TCP Global spray guns will be up to the task.

In the case of cars, there are special spray guns whose nozzle and gun give out a substantial amount of paint at a time which makes painting very easy. Additionally, they come in quite handy when a particular part of an object has been scratched due to its precision one can concentrate on a small part regardless of the size of the surface to be painted.

Doors have also been known to be mostly painted with spray guns whether it is a DIY project or a professional job in a manufacturing industry. When one wants to trim, spray gun more often than not are the best solution and provide more satisfaction. It is safe to deduce that the functions of the spray gun are limitless and it depends on how you may modify it to perform certain functions.

By far and large most people are fixated on the idea that the spray guns are only used when spraying paint on a surface. Surprisingly, most of the spray guns are used as makeshift sprinklers. They can be used in the farm or a small garden to water the plants or anything that might be present in the farm. It is quite easy to use them as all you need is to put some water in the tank, and you are well on your way to finish your tasks. The nozzles can also be adjusted by the manufacturer to fit the requirements of either the water pressure or intensity according to your needs.

When properly aligned and fixed there is no saying to what end the range of different functions the spray gun can carry out. So in case, the sprinkler has broken down, or you happen to have none be sure to have a go with the spray gun as it is clear that it can double as a sprinkler too. It is best to check with your manufacturer whether it is alright to use water as some tank linings react with a water-based material. There you are now it is crystal clear that there are a wide variety of uses to the TCP spray gun and it is no wonder that it has received so much praise.

Frequently asked queries

Question: What the difference between CFM and PSI?

Answer: CFM (cubic feet per minute) is the most important factor when selecting a spray gun or compressor. CFM refers to the measurement of the velocity at which air flows into or out of a space.  PSI (pounds per square inch) is the term for the measurement air pressure. In order for a spray gun to spray and maintain airflow, you have to have the appropriate amount of CFM while maintaining adequate PSI. All spray guns have a CFM requirement that must be met by the compressor. If not you will not be able to provide enough air to either atomize your paint properly or provide enough air to complete your project without interruption.

Question: My gun keeps dripping fluid when I close my trigger?

Answer: One of the most common causes of this problem is the needle may not sitting properly once the trigger is released. This can be either the small peice floating in the fluid tip or some build up of the paint on the needle tip. You can also want to check to see if the tip is worn and needs to be replaced.


The Verdict

To sum up, the TCP Global spray guns come in recommended, and it is crystal clear that it has significant benefits in relation with its price. It is worth a try.


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