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Color trends 2018. Talking about colors, 2017 had a successful tropical green year. It’s all about warm neutrals and sophisticated camel accents. This year however, color trends have changed and became edgier. Ultraviolet, the Pantone color of the year together with fiery reds and metallics became a trend this year.


Changing the interior paint color of your house, especially in your kitchen changes the entire look of the area. Of course, when you repaint the walls, the whole ambiance and look of your kitchen will also change.


Choosing the right and suitable shade for your kitchen can be tricky, but the right choice can help you when it comes to comfort and productivity. Here are several color schemes that could inspire you to repaint your kitchen.

Metallic Scheme

Metallics are out of the dramatic color scheme. The metallic color scheme is now part of the “New and Trending Neutrals.” Whether you choose, aluminum, stainless steel, and gold for your kitchen. It’s going to be unique and will give the area a new set of feeling and vibe.


You can have the ceiling of your kitchen painted in gold paper, and you can have some of the appliances and hardware in stainless steel. A perfect color combination for the most functional area in your house.

Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray

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For the past years, natural wood and white are the most favorite choices among all other colors for kitchens. But lately, gray has been rising on the list. Gray and some of its shades can give a kitchen a smooth and refined look.


In this way, you can paint your cabinets with the shade of gray. If you have black or white countertops, this neutral shade will surely give your kitchen cool and calming colors style.

A Touch of Navy Blue

Including dark blue, navy blue is one of the most chosen colors for the bathroom and especially the kitchen. You may find navy blue a surprising tone, especially for kitchen interiors.


Nowadays, navy blue brings a strong ambiance inside the kitchen. It can be the best way to introduce a touch of color inside the kitchen area. Navy blue and dark blue are a favorite for most of the homeowners that don’t want to have the intensity of bright colors.

Matte Black For Appliances

matte black for appliances

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If you have a contemporary type kitchen, then matte black is a suitable color for you. Try to apply this hue on your appliances as it gives your kitchen elegance and a touch of modernity. This color creates a gap between the traditional and modern color scheme. Some homeowners believe that this color could give life to your kitchen.

This color creates a gap between the traditional and modern color scheme. Some homeowners believe that this color could give life to your kitchen.

Greige for the New Age

Greige, a combination of gray and beige is also on the current neutral list. This color continues to gain its popularity among kitchen cabinets. People consider beige a reliable choice of color for the cabinetry as this color can be suitable for casual and formal kitchen designs. You can say that beige is an uncomplicated neutral to use for mixing colors.

Also, it gives you a warm and relaxing vibe while working in the kitchen. On the contrary, gray has the appeal of a modern look. Incorporating both of these colors creates an intense and vibrant hue that adapts well with any color scheme.

Earthy Color Scheme

A natural look for the kitchen isn’t bad after all. The food you prepare belongs to nature, so why not make your kitchen look like it’s nature. Soft shades of sand colors, sea, and air can be a great addition to your kitchen, individually muted tones of yellow, beige, and blue. All of these tones would look good when incorporated with natural wood finishes.

Set The Mood Using Dark Plum

Purple may be one of the least favorites colors the kitchen, but nowadays, the exciting feeling of dark plum sets the mood in the kitchen. It’s set to become the most popular tone for kitchen cabinetry. Dark plum used to be the color for the backsplash only or the appliances and accessories.

Today, this dark and deep tone can also function as a hue for the cabinetry. In this way, dark plum can give your kitchen a dramatic and exciting ambiance which undoubtedly will be a key for comfortability and productivity.

Pastels in Pink

If you like an artsy design, then pastels may be a suitable choice for you. It’s an excellent way to infuse a fun environment in the kitchen. Pastel colors are applicable especially if it’s for contrasting finishes or coordinating colors.

One ideal pastel color for the kitchen is pink. Pink pastels add brightness to the kitchen and also it creates an exciting feeling where you’ll be more active in cooking. These colors are suitable for wood effect finishes and grey palettes. Samples of pastel colors that create features are pastels in pink, green, yellow, and blue.

The Hues Of Green and Blue

The colors green and blue are no doubt the tones of a more natural look. From the depths of the ocean, don’t you think? When you look at the water, there are shades of blue, green, and dark blue. The sky has a light blue color, and the forest has a touch of green.

These natural colors can also be a part of your kitchen. Whatever style and design you’re trying to achieve, you can incorporate these colors for your kitchen.


The colors mentioned above are just four of the many kitchen color trends today. There are a wide variety of color trends in Melbourne kitchens and bathrooms today, and as you know, different colors mean different ambiance.


It can be tricky when choosing the most suitable color, but you can always match the color to what type of kitchen you are trying to achieve. Consider these four color trends to complete your preferred kitchen design.


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