Wagner 0529002 Paint Ready Sprayer, 1-10 Inch Spray Pattern

Wagner Paint Ready Sprayer

The Wagner brand gives sprayers that convey the smoothest, most predictable finish to all surfaces. They can be used inside or out and offer an extensive variety of power. The Paint Ready Sprayer makes use of the safety technology that can spray without thinning inside and outside latex paints. The spout’s extraordinary plan sprays a roller-like complete with latex, making it perfect for your indoor painting project. You can likewise accomplish smoother finish with extra thin materials. The coordinated controls take into consideration simple alteration of spray width, direction, and pattern. This one is known for the power texture sprayer, which applies in orange peel, knocks down and the popcorn variety.


  • This sprayer features a one-gallon hopper that can be situated in two different ways
  • The 120-volt, 3.7 amps and 60-Hertz turbine produces the airflow
  • 3 nozzles of different sizes for a decision which settle on it an ideal decision for hopper spray gun
  • Give quality texture on substantial surfaces
  • The unit is balanced out by a 3-point stand that makes filling a breeze

It is ideal for the roofs and walls. It is furnished with a turbine, which is sufficiently solid to texture a room’s roof. The effortlessness of configuration makes this device simple to use. It isn’t just for enormous tasks yet in addition to the touch-up jobs.


  • Faster
  • Less demanding to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Great Investment


  • Difficult to clean

Power Tex is extraordinary compared to other HVLP sprayers since it is intended to make painting less demanding for non-experts. Accessible at a moderate value, it can work for roofs and dividers without making use of an adapter. Do-it-yourselfers can make proficient looking finishes using the three textures and nozzles incorporated into a tool.

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