9 Best Wagner Paint Sprayers

Wagner paint sprayers are the leading brand in paint sprayers for both indoor and outdoor projects. These powerful tools are very popular because they are so easy to use and they result in a smooth paint finish. Even those with minimal home improvement experience can use these tools, and they come in a variety of different models to choose from to fit your needs.

Wagner offers a wide range of paint sprayer models to choose from, ranging from very small hand-held models to larger, more powerful tools that can handle both indoor and outdoor paint jobs. These paint sprayers work very quickly, provide more control than a roller or a brush, and minimize cleanup time. They also can be used with unthinned paint, which maximizes your options for paint colors. Here are some of Wagner’s most popular models, as well as the pros and cons of each.


Wagner Power Painter Plus

Wagner Power Painter Plus Airless Paint SprayerThe Wagner Power Painter Plus is a small paint sprayer that is arguably one of the best paint sprayer for home use. It’s a good introduction to paint sprayers because it’s relatively small and easy to use. The most prominent feature is the EZ Tilt suction tube, which provides added control and flexibility while using the product. The sprayer weighs about six pounds, and it has a twist and locks paint cup that holds one quart of paint. It has a dual tip for added paint coverage and a cleaner finish.

Top Features

The biggest pro of this product is that it is very small and maneuverable, so even beginners have total control while completing a paint spraying job. The tilt suction tool allows you to spray from virtually any angle, so you can paint in challenging corners and other tight spots with ease. The small size also makes it easier to use for long period of time without experiencing fatigue.


This product’s advantages can also be considered disadvantages, depending on the job. This sprayer may not be big enough for some projects because of its small size. The other major disadvantage is that cleaning the actual paint sprayer after each project can be challenging because of its design, as there are many small nooks and crannies to clean after each project.


Wagner FLEXiO 590 Sprayer

Wagner FLEXiO 590 HVLP Paint SprayerThe FLEXiO 590 is a larger paint sprayer that works for both interior and exterior projects. You can adjust the nozzle to create a wide variety of spray patterns in different widths and lengths. It also comes with a detail nozzle for putting finishing touches on the project. The nozzles are very easy to change, with a simple twist and lock system. The product also comes with a dial for adjustable speed settings.This sprayer weighs 10.15 pounds.

Top Features

This sprayer is very versatile, as it can be used for both interior and exterior projects. It also provides much more control than a smaller paint sprayer, which is ideal for interior paint jobs. Although it’s heavier than the Power Painter Plus, it’s still lighter than many other paint sprayers and is also quieter than many other paint sprayers. It can be used with many different types of paint as well.


The downside of this product is that there is some overspray, so it’s important to be careful when using it to prevent messy results. Other than the overspray, it’s a very powerful and reliable sprayer that’s worth investing in.


Wagner Control Spray Max HVLP

Wagner Control Spray Max HVLP SprayerThe Wagner Control Spray Max is a very large paint sprayer designed for your biggest jobs. It has a 20 foot hose and 1.5-quart paint capacity. It also has three adjustable spray patterns as well as adjustable spray speeds. It sprays virtually any type of paint, ranging from latex to sealants and stains. The front end of the sprayer twists on and off easily to make changing paints quick work.

Top Features

The biggest advantage to this large paint sprayer is that it provides you complete air pressure control, so you can adjust your spray size and pattern based on the type of material you are using. This sprayer is designed to accommodate even the thickest, most challenging materials with ease. The long hose also allows you to set up the sprayer in one place and then just move the nozzle around the house. The nozzle is also relatively light, which is ideal for those who struggle to hold a large paint gun. This sprayer is ideal for painting and staining cabinets, furniture, trim, and other items that require thick finishes.


The downside to this product is that it may be a bit too large and oversized for small projects. If you’ve never used a paint sprayer before, it can be a bit challenging to set up and adjust to using. It is also a very noisy sprayer, so you may want to consider wearing headphones when working with it.


Wagner Control Paint Sprayer 

Wagner Control Paint SprayerThis small but mighty paint sprayer is ideal for small interior jobs. At roughly three and a half pounds, it’s not very large, but it works well for detailed projects. It sprays quickly, at 4.1 ounces per minute, and it’s designed for light materials such as stains and sealants. The nozzle is designed for control, and you can adjust both the pattern shape and the paint flow as you work. The small size means there’s minimal overspray and cleanup on the projects.

This sprayer is ideal for HVLP projects, such as putting on sealants or stains. The small size and speed are designed specifically for this type of project. It works very quickly for these types of jobs and is quite powerful despite its small size. You can also use it with other types of paints if they have been diluted. Because it’s so small and is meant for use with thin paints and sealants, it is very easy and quick to clean. There’s also minimal overspray when working, and you can control the amount of paint coming out of the nozzle quite easily. The small size makes it easy to hold while working.

This small sprayer might not be the best option for thicker paints, as it could become clogged. The small size means it can also be challenging for paint jobs with a large area to cover. It’s best to use this product for what it was designed for – small to mid-sized jobs with thin sealants and stains.


Wagner Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer

Wagner Control Spray Double Duty Paint SprayerThis versatile paint sprayer works well for both indoor and outdoor jobs of all sizes. It weighs 4.2 pounds, and it sprays at up to 4.9 fluid ounces per minute. It has a two-stage air turbine that results in a very smooth, professional finish. It also comes with two cups, one for indoor and one for outdoor work. The smaller cup is one quart and the larger quart is 1.5 quarts. The nozzle can be adjusted to horizontal, vertical, or round spray patterns, depending on your needs. It works best with thin paint, it can be used with thin sealants and stains, as well as latex paint that has been thinned.

Top Features

This paint sprayer is ideal for the home improvement junkie that wants something versatile. Since it’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it can really be used on virtually any project you might be interested in. The relatively small size is easy to hold and control, and since it has multiple settings and a high quality air turbine, you get great control over your paint.


This sprayer is small, so it may not be the best for larger jobs. Although it’s great for fine detail work and control, it doesn’t have much power, so it may burn out if you attempt to overuse it. Like any paint sprayer, there is a learning curve to using it, so you may not get your desired results right away as you’re still mastering the nozzle.

Wagner FLEXiO 890 Paint Sprayer  

This is a powerful paint sprayer that’s great for large jobs and thick paint. It has a large turbine and 11.5 foot hose connected to a small sprayer gun for the best possible control. It works with all types of paint, including unthinned latex and oil based paints as well as urethane and stains. It has an adjustable nozzle, so you can control the spray pattern and speed, and it also comes with an accessory detail finisher nozzle. The nozzles are changeable with an easy twist and lock mechanism.

Top Features

This sprayer is extremely powerful and makes quick work of large surface areas. In fact, it can paint an entire wall in just minutes. Although it’s so powerful, it’s easy to use because the turbine is on the ground and connected to the gun with a hose. This means better control and minimal fatigue for the user. It’s a great option for thick paint – where some other sprayers would get clogged quickly, this one can handle the challenge with no problems.


It’s important to note that this sprayer is not ideal for fine finishing projects and small areas. Although it can be used for detail work, it really works best for large interior and exterior projects, such as walls and ceilings. It’s also very important to keep this paint sprayer clean when working with thick paints for the best possible results.


Wagner FLEXiO 570

Wagner Flexio 570 InteriorAnother model in the FLEXiO range, this is an incredibly heavy-duty sprayer that is designed for large jobs. It can spray up to 7.2 gallons per hour, and it can cover an eight by 10-foot surface in as little as two minutes. It has a 1.5-quart paint cup holder that can cover up to 125 feet. The nozzle is designed to handle wear and tear for a long life, and it can be adjusted for a variety of different spray patterns. The trigger allows you to control the paint flow as you’re working for added control. It weighs 6.75 pounds and is one of the most powerful sprayers of its size and type.

Top Features

This paint sprayer is ideal for both interior and exterior walls because it works so quickly. Painting these types of surfaces with a roller can take hours, but with this paint sprayer, the job can be done in just a couple of minutes. It works well with thick, heavy-duty paints, and but it’s relatively quiet and light considering how powerful it is.


Because it is so powerful, you will experience some overspray with this product, and you’ll need to take cleanup seriously. The machine should be cleaned out very well between uses to keep it functioning properly. It also can take some practice to really learn how to use the nozzle well, so be sure to read the instructions and do a few test runs before taking on a serious project.


Wagner Power Painter Pro with EZ Tilt

This paint sprayer is small, but it’s very strong and is a great option for powerful jobs. It comes with Wagner’s EZ Tilt mechanism, which allows you to spray at any angle. It has a 1.5-quart paint cup for minimal refilling and has a powerful 8 GPH flow for large interior and exterior jobs. The dual tip provides good control and reduces overspray, and the interior mechanisms are Tungsten Carbide, which are very powerful and designed to last a long time.

Top Features

This paint sprayer is incredible for completing big jobs quickly. It works well with thick paint and allows you to spray from any angle to get in tight corners. It’s very easy to pick up and start using. Although it weighs 9.4 pounds, which can be heavy, it comes with a backpack to lighten the load. It also has two power settings to allow you more control depending on your material choice. This paint sprayer is also easy to learn how to use – there’s not as much of a learning curve here as with other paint sprayers.


Because it is so powerful, you will likely experience some overspray when working with this paint sprayer. It also requires some time spent cleaning up after each project, so be sure to account for that when planning your jobs.


Wagner Paint Ready Sprayer

Wagner Paint Ready SprayerThis versatile paint sprayer works well for both indoor and outdoor jobs. It sprays virtually all types of paint, ranging from unthinned latex paint down to stains and sealants. The nozzle is adjustable for both horizontal and vertical spray patterns, and you can also adjust the paint flow as you’re working. It weighs 5.3 pounds and can hold 1.5 quarts of paint.

Top Features

This sprayer is very easy to use, even for beginners. It’s relatively light and provides good control as you’re painting. It also works well with almost any type of paint, so it’s a good investment for general home improvement work. The spray patterns are very easy to adjust. It also works very fast when painting large surfaces such as walls. The large paint reservoir of 1.5 quarts means minimal refilling.


There are a few downsides to this paint sprayer. It doesn’t come with an option for round paint spray patterns, and it also can result in quite a bit of overspray, particularly with thinner materials. Like many handheld paint sprayers, it also can be quite difficult to clean after use. This can be very frustrating, but it’s important to keep the paint sprayer clean for the best possible functioning.


In Conclusion


Whether you’re working on an indoor or outdoor project there’s a model that will fill your need among the Wagner Paint Sprayers family


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