How To Paint Baseboards With Carpet

baseboards with carpet

How To Paint Baseboards With Carpet? If you are in the mood to be the next Picasso and to renovate your home at the same time, then it’s important to learn how to paint baseboards with the carpet. This can be very tricky because you can easily mess up a good carpet, which can cost you a lot of money to fix. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to successfully paint your baseboard trim despite the fact that you have an expensive carpet layout in your house.

Before you start, you should run to the hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowes to purchase the necessary materials. You should also do some research online to see which brand of paint and primer has better quality and more affordable. That way, you will get high-quality results at a lower price.


Materials that you will need:


Blue Painters Tape

blue painters tape

Make sure to get a wide tape to help create a dividing line between the carpet and the baseboard. This is a highly recommended tape because it will not stick to the carpet and pull off the fibers.


Paint Brush

You will be painting for hours, so you want to get a paintbrush that has a soft rubber handle so it’s comfortable to use. For painting your baseboards we recommend either a chisel trim brush or an angled brush. These brushes make it easier to apply paint and produce a good straight line. For this, the brand really doesn’t matter, just be sure to pick a brush that won’t break down after a few rinses.


Choosing a Paint

There are many varieties of paints to choose from. We recommend the PPG Ultrahide line of paints. They are a reliable and fast drying type of paint and works well for stained wood. If you own a oak trim, then it’s advisable to apply an oil base primer for your first coat, and then the breakthrough pain afterward.


Liquid Deglosser

It can be very tiresome to sand the baseboard trim. That is why a liquid deglosser is highly recommended to prepare your baseboards for the painting process. With this product, it’s essential to have adequate ventilation. If you don’t want to use a deglosser, you can clean the board withTSP,  sandpaper, or use a cloth. However, these other alternatives will require some manpower so you will have to lift up your sleeve for some grunt work.


How To Paint Baseboards With Carpet

Now that you got all your supplies ready, it’s time to paint your baseboard trim with a carpet. This is a wonderful do it yourself type of project, but you can also invite your kids and teach them some housework. It might seem like a challenging type of job, but it’s actually very easy and not as bad as you think. With enough hard work and patience, anyone can paint their baseboard trim. It might be frightening at first because you’re afraid that you will get paint on the carpet. After all, it could be very difficult to get rid of the paint, but with these instructions, You can rest assured that you will successfully paint the baseboard trim without damaging your carpets.


Here are the instructions to follow:


1) Blue painter tape

The first step is to use the blue painter’s tape to divide the carpet from the baseboard trim. You want to place the tape underneath the baseboard trim to the best of your ability.


2) Liquid Deglosser

Then use a liquid deglosser to clean the trim before you paint. The liquid deglosser will ensure that the pain stick efficiently to the wood. Make sure to open the windows and keep the room well-ventilated. This is mainly to avoid headaches, nausea, and vomiting side effects that could be very painful. Keep in mind that if you don’t want to use the deglosser, you can clean the baseboards with a liquid TSP or use a sandpaper. Either way, both strategies will work.IIf you want to keep it simple, you can wipe off the baseboard with a simple cloth.


3) The first coat of paint

After cleaning the wood, it’s time to apply the first coat of paint. It’s important to start at the apex of the front baseboard and slowly work your way down to the base. Make sure to only paint a small section at a time. With an oak trim, you will need to apply an oil based primer first. This is because the oak will bleed through the breakthrough pain. After you have finish painting the front part of the baseboard, you can now paint the top.


4) Apply more paint

If you have completed the first coat of paint, wait for it to dry. Once it has dried up, you can caulk the area between the top of the baseboard and wall. After you have completed the that, wait for the caulk to dry. If everything is dried up, you can Apply more coat of paint on the wood.


Advice about painting your baseboard with carpet

There are some pieces of advice that you can take when you paint your baseboard. It’s best to purchase a mask to cover your mouth and nose. This is mainly because the paint and the deglosser can be very strong. It can cause some headaches and dizziness which are unnecessary side effects that you don’t want to experience. Since this project might take a couple of hours, it’s best to be well-prepared.


Another thing that you should do is keep your windows open to provide plenty of ventilation. Make sure to keep your pets outside and young children away from the area. Children and pets love to put things in their mouth, the last thing you want them to do is to lick the paint from the baseboard. That could lead to a trip to the emergency room. If you take the proper precautions, you will be able to safely paint your baseboard.


Accidentally got paint on the carpet

If you follow these steps correctly, you should be able to successfully paint your baseboards with the carpet. Unfortunately, there are times that we might be clumsy and end up with paint on the carpet. When that happens, it’s important not to panic. Grab a bunch of dry paper towels and blot out the paint. Keep in mind that it’s essential to avoid rubbing vigorously because that will only push the paint further towards the fabric.


It is tempting to rub it out because you are eager to get the paint out, but it’s best to refrain doing that. Afterward, bring a bowl and mix in warm water and dish soap. Grab lots of paper towel and dab it in the bowl and blot the paint out of the carpet. The combination of the dish soap and water should be able to dissolve the paint. Don’t forget to grab some dry paper towels to blot the area dry as well. You don’t want to leave your carpet soaking wet.


How to remove paint from carpet?

With these strategies, you should be able to get the paint out of the carpet. If not, there are alternative ideas that you can use. You can steam the area with a clothing iron. Just place a wet rag between the carpet and the iron to avoid destroying the fibers. Another idea is that you can grab a sharp knife and scrape out the paint. This can take a lot of time, but If done correctly it should be able to get rid of the paint. If all else fails, you will need to call the carpet cleaner to help you out.



If you have an expensive new carpet, painting the baseboard does not have to be a nightmare. With these materials and easy to follow instruction, you will be able to paint your baseboard without killing your carpet. If you accidentally spilled some paint onto your carpet, there are some tips and strategies that you can use to get the paint out. With all this information, you’ll be able to successfully complete this wonderful do it yourself type project.



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