7 Best Dust Masks

Looking for the best dust mask? Home and garden chores often expose us to harmful substances and toxins. A dust mask comes in handy when you are protecting against inhalation of dust particles, pollution, allergens and other particulates. They protect your lungs and provide proper ventilation. Dust masks are preferable to gas masks due to their availability and affordability. Most homes have access to dust masks for their daily chores.

Dust masks trap dust particles in the filter by slowing down air flow. It means your breathing should be slow for it to work effectively. However, there is a newer innovation which can filter with fast breathing. Each dust mask has limitations; therefore, ensure you are aware of the barriers to ascertain whether you should be using a gas mask instead.

Dust masks are of two types. Some covers require you to breathe at a reasonable pace to work effectively and those that are useful while conducting a physical activity. Some masks have activated carbon filters, and some are just dust filters. As a safety tip do not reuse disposable dust mask and change the filter if you notice any changes in smell or if your nose, throat, and lungs become irritated. Always follow manufacturers’ instructions for proper use.

Top Features of Dust Masks

Adjustable straps- a dust mask with a flexible nose piece will ensure a tight and secure fit around the face. The straps should also be able to fit all sizes and should preferably be elastic.

Exhalation valve- a dust mask with an exhalation valve will ensure more natural breathing, and therefore you can wear the dust mask for an extended period without discomfort.

Activated carbon filters- a dust mask that uses an activated carbon filter is preferable due to their ability to prevent dust from entering the airways. These filters prevent up to 98% of dust, chemicals, particulates, gases, pollen, smokes and fumes from being inhaled into the body.

Ventilation- a dust mask should have ventilation to ensure airflow and also reduce fogging.

How to choose the best dust mask

When selecting a dust mask consider what you will be using the cover for, whether you are using it around the house or in places exposed to toxins. Choose a mask that can protect you depending on the particulate exposure. If you are exercising, choose a cover that can work efficiently with increased breathing rate.

The length of time that you will need the mask will influence the type of dust mask to use. Disposable masks are also affordable and do not have any instructions for use. However, if you live in the city and require a cover more frequently, then you might consider getting a durable mask that is comfortable to wear for long periods of time and are worn during active periods like running, cycling and riding.

The purpose of your mask and the type of contaminants you get exposed to will determine which mask you will need.

Unigear Activated Carbon Dust mask

It is designed to keep out 98% of dust, smoke, pollen, chemicals, and particulate. They are common in cities as they offer anti-dust and anti-car exhaust protection. They can be useful when conducting a physical activity that may increase your breathing rate. It is elastic and comes with a fixed aluminum sheet at the bridge of the nose meant to ensure a firm fit. The mask can be useful when skiing, hiking, woodworking, and running. You can also use it in cold climates if you are allergic to cold when exercising. They come in multiple colors.

Top Features:

  • It has unique ventilation which enhances airflow and reduces humidity around the mouth.
  • It uses an activated carbon filter to protect against dust, gases, pollen, smoke, and fumes.
  • The comfortable Sport-backed design makes it easier to use while running, riding, and cycling.
  • The adjustable strap and aluminum frame across the nose bridge makes it easier to fit all sizes. They are flexible and comfortable.
  • They are lightweight.
  • The package contains activated carbon masks, two valves and filter cotton for replacement, which are easy to clean when they get dirty.


  • The nose fits aluminum sheet may be uncomfortable for some people.
  • The nose fits maybe a bit snug for some people.


Amston N95 disposable dust mask

Amston N95 disposable dust mask. Amston NIOSH-certified N95 dust masks are widely useful around the world as a typical household or workplace dust mask. They protect the respiratory system during carpentry, cleaning and sweeping, lawn mowing, chainsawing and grinding. The N95 rating means that it covers at least 95% of all particulates except oil particulates like lubricants, cutting fluids, and glycerin. The filter is NIOSH-certified and should be worn to create a tight but comfortable seal on the face. The filter works best with normal breathing and would be less effective with increased respiration.

Amston masks are suitable, and you can use for long periods of time without fog.

Top Features:

  • The adjustable soft metal nose clip provides a custom fit and ensures a comfortable and secure seal for maximum protection against toxic air and other harmful substances while working.
  • Their low-profile design makes it easy to maintain a natural breathing rhythm, and you can use them with other personal protective equipment such as glasses, helmets, and ear muffs.
  • The two elastic cloth straps ensure a secure and comfortable fit.
  • They are NIOSH approved making it one of the best forms of protection.
  • They are disposable, one-time use masks.
  • They are favorable for outdoor and indoor activities.


  • Doesn’t protect against oil-based particles.


SAS Safety 2985 non-toxic dust mask

They are designed to protect a person from inhaling nuisance dust such as airborne dust, pollen, and particulates. These specks of dust are non-toxic. It is not intended to protect from harmful vapors and toxic substances. They are used both at home and in workplaces and are designed to make these places safer. It has an adjustable nose piece which readily conforms to the shape of the face, and a single strap headband meant to ensure the mask remains on the front. It is not advisable for use in environments with a lot of dust as they will not provide adequate protection. It would be more desirable to use a NIOSH approved N95 dust masks instead.

Top Features include:

  • It offers protection against non-toxic particles.
  • It has an elastic headband that secures it on the face and provides a comfortable fit. It also makes it simple to wear or remove.
  • It has an adjustable nose piece that easily conforms to face shape.
  • A box contains 50 masks.
  • They are a one-time use masks, and you should not reuse them.


  • It does not provide NIOSH approved respiratory protection. Therefore, it cannot protect against toxic substances and particulates in the air


3M Particulate Respirator – N95

It is designed to provide reliable protection against non-oil based particles and is meant explicitly for work environments that involve heat, humidity and long periods of wear. It is lightweight and comfortable to use. It has a rate of N95 which means it can filter 95% of particles in the environment.

Top Features:

  • It has a two-strap design meant to ensure a proper seal.
  • It has a face piece which prevents intrusion of pollutants from the surrounding mask area.
  • NIOSH has approved it and has a rating N95 which ensures adequate protection from dust and other particulates.
  • It has a cooling flow valve that minimizes heat inside the respirator. The lid also prevents moisture and fogging
  • It has an M-shaped nose clip for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • It lacks tangle straps making them more comfortable to use.
  • It has a nose clip that allows for natural breathing.
  • They are suitable for use when one is involved in physical activity because they are unaffected by increased breathing.
  • It is durable, and you can reuse it.


  • It does not protect against oil-based particles like lubricants and paint.


3M Particulate Respirator – N100


It is protective equipment only intended for use in industries and work environment. It is not for domestic use. You must also use it in compliance with Occupational safety and health administration (OSHA), Personal Protective Equipment standards and other health and safety standards. The user must follow the instructions for use and read carefully the warnings given on the product for maximum protection. Misusing the protective equipment could endanger the user and may cause injury, sickness or even death. Only safety professionals can recommend them for use.

Top Features:

  • It is NIOSH approved with a rating of N100, which means it can filter up to 99.97% of particles of at least 0.3 microns in diameter. It can filter even dangerous chemicals.
  • It is compatible with a variety of personal protective equipment like safety glasses and earmuffs.
  • It has an adjustable nose clip which prevents the safety glasses from fogging.
  • It has a 3M cooling flow exhalation valve which controls heat inside the respirator. The lid not only reduces temperature, but it also prevents fogging and moisture build-up.
  • It has an advanced electrostatic media to allow for natural breathing when using the mask.
  • It has adjustable straps to ensure a secure fit.


Canheal Dust Mask

It is a multipurpose particulate respirator which provides extra comfort and protection than the ordinary mask. It completely shields you from particles that may come inside your particulate respirator by using a face piece. The facepiece fits perfectly and prevents entry of substances from the surrounding mask area.

Top Features:

  • It comes in two sizes small-medium and medium-large for customers to choose the one that best fits them.
  • It is light in weight it almost feels like you are not wearing it.
  • Its low profile design allows you to use it with protective equipment like goggles and also provides better vision.
  • The soft facepiece makes a great fit and seals to your face; this prevents particles from penetrating through the mask surrounding area.
  • The replaceable filter gives you an option to choose which filter to use, and you can also replace a filter when it is no longer working effectively.
  • It is a multipurpose particulate respirator.
  • It is washable and reusable.


RZ dust/pollution mask


It is has a slim design with a full mesh body construction meant to provide improved airflow and natural breathing. The feature allows for integration into the users’ job.

Its features include:

  • It has a replaceable active carbon filter which provides 99.9% protection and performance.
  • The improved airflow and ease of breathing provide adequate comfort when using them.
  • It is lightweight making it suitable for use by those in motion.
  • It has a dual one-way discharge valve which reduces condensation inside the mask.
  • The adjustable nose clip reduces fogging.
  • It has an adjustable Velcro strap which provides a universal fit.
  • It has a versatile, durable and washable mainframe.


They are of high quality and come with a complete kit which has everything you need for safe breathing. The type of mask you choose to buy will depend on the intended use and the type of pollutants in your environment.


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