3 Best Wagner Heat Gun

3 Best Wagner heat gun are handheld devices which are powered by electricity. They are used for various jobs that are difficult to perform manually. These jobs include removing paints on the surfaces, removing labels that are stuck on the walls, forming plastics adhering to various things such as window tints. The heat guns are designed with different heating modes and their uses vary according to the kind of heat they provide considering some objects may require high heat output.


Benefits of Wagner Heat Gun

  • It makes the paint removing quick and easy.
  • It has a comfortable handle which enables one to work comfortably.
  • It allows one to work on delicate objects and it makes it easy to penetrate deep surfaces as well.
  • Heats up machinery quicker.
  • The heat is adjustable to provide efficiency.


How to choose the best Wagner heat gun

The initial thing to remember when buying the heat gun is the number of projects that you want to perform with it. This feature will guide you to choose the best weapon that will fulfill your work needs.

The heat guns come in different models with various intensities of heat. So, look out for the features that they have for you to be able to select the gun that most suits you based on its model.

The heat gun should have safety measures that prevent it from overheating or even damaging the objects that you are working on.

3 Best Wagner Heat Gun


Wagner Furno 500 heat gun

wagner furno 500 heat gunAre you looking for an easy to use Wagner heat gun that will enable your paint removal or apply of adhesive to be easy? Well, I would recommend that you get this magnificent model. It is made with features that will make your work to be comfortable regardless of your experience. First off, it is designed with two heat settings which are from 750 to 1100 degree for you to choose from based on what you want to adhere or remove. The device is made with safety features that ensure it lasts for long no matter how hot you set the heat. This is because it has a fan setting which comes in two settings modes.


It also has a relaxed style that keeps it in a moderate temperature thus enabling you to work for long and at high heat. You can work with this Wagner as long as you want thanks to the design of the handle. It is designed in a comfortable ergonomic design which is comfortable to hold, and your hands do not get fatigued after a long hold.

The device is also designed to safeguard the items that you are working on. And for this reason, it is equipped with a slide bar that prevents the hot nozzle from coming into contact with the objects. This also allows you to work comfortable focus on their work.

Top features

  • Two fan settings to keep the device cool.
  • Temperature settings for efficient working on different objects.
  • Has hanging loop for hanging the device when storing.
  • Has a slide bar for the safety of the working surface.
  • Slide bars that protect the work surface.


  • It is not suitable for heating hard objects like charcoal since the nozzle may end up getting damaged.
  • It does not have a heat memory setting, and therefore you have to set it up afresh in case you turn the nozzle off.
  • The cord is only 80 inches long thus it cannot reach distance areas.
  • It is not suitable for items that require high heating such as the copper.


Wagner HT400 Heat Gun


Wagner Ht400 heat gunThis Wagner is recommended for simple tasks in the house. It is easy to use and has all the necessary features outlined well. Some of the services that you can complete with the use of this device include; shrink tubing, cutting and joining spliced wires and you can also use it in various electrical repairs. What makes it stand out is the pencil design which makes it comfortable to handle delicate items and ensure that you can work on tiny things like wires.

It is not suitable for objects that require high-temperature use as the temperature changing options range from 343 to 650 degrees. It is safe to use on different working surfaces as the nozzle is retractable to prevent it from touching the surfaces that you are working on.

Top Features

  • Has a temperature setting that range from 343 to 650 degrees.
  • It can be used in multiple services including applying embossing powders, applique and also shrink tubing.
  • The nozzle is retractable to prevent the heat from damaging the surfaces that one is working at.
  • Has a compact pencil-like design which ensures that one gets to do a clean job and handle delicate tasks as well.


  • The heat setting is not high hence cannot handle items that require Extreme heating.
  • It is only recommended or use with 210 vol.
  • It does not have battery backup, and therefore if you have an electric outage, you will not be able to use the Wagner.
  • It cannot be used to perform all heating services since it has limited heat regulation point.
  • It functions when connected to electricity only.


Wagner HT3500 Digital Heat Gun

Wagner digital heat gunThis is the best Wagner for people who want to perform a wide variety of heating tasks. It made with more advanced features as opposed to the rest. It has a total of six temperature settings and the heat range from 250 to 1350 degrees. This ensures that the device gives high quality and consistency performance as well. The handle is made in a good design which provides comfort regardless of how long you work with the invention.


Other reliable features include the two equipped fans which offer a cooling effect to the heater thus preventing it from overheating when working. The device also has a cooldown and an auto-shutoff feature which is equipped to avoid overheating and ensure the invention lasts for long. It also has a high power outage hence making it suitable for hard heating.

Top Features

  • 12 temperature settings to provide reliable and varying heating for different tasks.
  • The ergonomic handle which provides comfort to the user.
  • Has two fans that keep the device cool and prevents overheating which may damage it.
  • Presence of the auto-shut off feature to protect the device from getting hurt by extreme heat.


  • It is only suitable for 120V usage.
  • The cord of this Wagner is a bit thick and causes distractions when one is working.


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