Tacklife advanced electric spray gun SGP15AC

Tacklife is the most popular and Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture an amazing and useful spray gun has been offered by Tacklife to make the painting job much easier for you! With such simple settings and instructions, you can bring this painting device into use in order to make your old furniture like new. No one will believe that your furniture is old and even no one will believe that you have painted it because this gun guarantees fine quality coating.


Take a deep breath for a while because you are going to learn the features of this useful spray gun. Using it is not only a big fun but it is super simple. There are the following main features of this product:
Three spray patterns- Painting the entire furniture in the same pattern seems boring! Yeah, it is quite boring and in order to bring some creativity in the furniture paint, this product comes with three nozzle sizes so as to support three different and beautiful spray patterns. It is up to you which pattern you want to make your furniture but these patterns are the vertical flat jet, horizontal flat jet, and circular jet.
Portable design- It is really an ideal tool and you can use it for painting different items even other than furniture. This is not just a paint sprayer for furniture but you can paint your walls, cars, decorative items and a lot more things using it.
Adjustable valve knobs- The valve knobs of this spray gun are adjustable and that’s why it paints evenly. You don’t find brush marks on the painted area and even in the very first coating, it gives amazing results.
Detachable canister- the canister and even other parts of this gun are detachable so it becomes easy to clean and maintain it. Rather than taking out heavy container, you can add the paint by opening the cover of that container.
Package content- In this package, you get spray gun, cleaning needle, funnel, three spray nozzle, cleaning brush, user manual and of course, warranty card. I think it’s more than enough that this company is providing you with this package contains.
Technical details:
Item weight: 3 pounds
Product dimensions: 10.9 x 10.2 x 5.3 inches
Model Number: SGP15AC
Shape: Gun type
Color: Orange/white/black

Want to know about the benefits of this Tacklife Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture gun! Let’s know about its pros one by one:

  • This spray gun is really good enough to paint the areas evenly and you do not find brush marks on the area that you are done with.
  • It provides some variety in terms of painting designs as you can paint in three different patterns.
  • It is super easy to clean and maintain because its canister and other parts are detachable.
  • This spray gun provides high capacity as compared to many other guns and in this way, you don’t need to fill the jar frequently and you can paint without any interruption.

There isn’t any drawback of this product but there are some precautions that the manufacturer of this paint sprayer for furniture has provided and these precautions are the following:

  • Before you start using it, you should make sure that its seal ring is really sealed. If nozzle, air cap, and seal ring are not properly assembled together then it can lead to cause loss.
  • You should keep its motor and plug dry and do not expose this spray gun to rain or any type of wet area.

How to use?
Using this spray gun is super-easy as I have already mentioned. First of all, you will assemble all the parts appropriately and tightly and then join it with the jar. Thin the paint with the appropriate solution like add some water if it is water based paint or add some oil if it is oil based material. Then pour the pain in that jar by opening the lid and then tighten it. Adjust spray amplitude by sliding its switch right to left. Also, adjust the spray pattern following the method mentioned in instructions manual and there you go!

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