Super Deal 1.5 Gallon Air Hopper Spray Gun


When the paintwork needs to be done, make sure it completes this air hopper spray gun. Counting 3 different spout sizes, this spray gun guarantees you’ll have the capacity to complete innumerable painting tasks. Add shading to your drywall, or give stretched out toughness to your things by influencing them to water or flame resistant. Regardless of the spraying task, this air hopper is up for the test. This Hopper Spray Gun is effectively to grasp deal with influence spray gun that is comfortable to hold, the trigger has locking control for spraying a uniform coat. Tradable 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm nozzles for spraying fluids of different consistency; spray edge takes into consideration use on the roofs and walls. This spray gun makes the spraying gentler effortlessly controlled and less overspray.


  • Versatile air hopper spray gun
  • Perfect for roof and wall texture application
  • Decks surfaces and fire-and waterproofs materials
  • Upgrades nature of stucco and drywall
  • Comes finish with 3 different spout sizes

This thing is a perfect tool for applying a texture to roofs and walls. It can likewise be utilized for applying decking surface, insulating and water-sealing materials. There are likewise 3 nozzles of different sizes for a decision which settle on it an ideal decision for hopper spray gun.


  • Easy to use with lightweight.
  • Reliable quality.
  • Perfect performance with flexible material control.
  • A handle on cup makes it simple to utilize.
  • Easy pull swing trigger makes it easy to handle


  • Some pieces defect

The BBBuy 1.5 Gallon Air Hopper Spray Gun Ceiling Wall Texture Paint Drywall Painting Sprayer w/3 Nozzles is absolute will be a superb purchase. It is ideal for spraying clear coats, base coats, and other high consistency coatings additionally appropriate for residential and industrial preliminary, topcoat and specifying for the car industry, furniture paint applications.

For a small spray gun, this is a component rich item. It highlights three nozzles, three selectable textures, and a variable stream trigger. Prescribed as an inside and out paint spraying partner, this bit of pack delivers reliably proficient outcomes. For the individuals who would prefer not to acquire the cost or the bother of leasing a compressor, the Power Tex Texture Sprayer offers a helpful option.

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