SPRAYIT SP-31000 LVLP Siphon Feed Spray Gun

This is another excellent product from the SPRAYIT LVLP Spray Gun that you should also consider. It is ideal for automotive, home, and furniture applications. The SPRAYIT SP-31000 LVLP Spray Gun comes featuring a lightweight aluminum body with a 1000cc aluminum cup which makes it easier to work with for long hours of painting without getting tired quickly.

Another impressive thing we liked about this spray gun is the air controls it offers. The air controls provide you full control of the amount of paint coming out of the nozzle hence making it ideal for perfect application every time. Additionally, it comes equipped with separate and adjustable fluid for a more precise fan pattern.

As with other LVLP spray guns from SPRAYIT, the SPRAYIT SP-31000 features stainless-steel fluid needle and nozzle which makes the unit durable enough to last for quite a long time. The best part about the stainless fluid and nozzle is that they both corrosion resistant.

What we liked more about this spray gun is that you can use different materials including both thicker and thinners coatings including lacquers, enamels, stains, urethane, and low-viscosity paints.

The SPRAYIT SP-31000 features an air consumption of 3.5 CFM to 3.9 CFM at 30 psi. Additionally, this spray gun has a working pressure ranging from 28 psi to 45 psi. It has a maximum working pressure of 60 psi. With this spray gun, you can achieve a fan pattern ranging from 7-inches to 10.9-inches.

Another impressive thing you will like about this gun is that it comes with a 1.5 mm spraying tip, and also the package comes included with an extra spanner, brush, and a socket. This means you can get started right away when you receive the unit.


  • The gun is highly comfortable and lightweight.
  • It is fully adjustable for more precise applications.
  • It is very durable.
  • It comes included with additional parts – extra spanners, brush, and a socket.
  • You can use different materials.


  • It is expensive.
  • The range of the fan pattern sizes could be better.

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