PaintWIZ Handheld Paint Sprayer

PaintWIZ Handheld Paint Sprayer

PaintWIZ Handheld Paint Sprayer

PaintWIZ Handheld paint sprayer Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture. It is the trendiest product and one of the most affordable paint sprayers. It looks totally like a gun and very comfortable to use. Not only it is easy to carry but it is convenient to use. The manufacturer claims that it is the best professional style gun that is really efficient for the painting job. Hence, let’s move further and let’s explore more things about this paint sprayer.
Top Features:
Handheld sprayer- it is a high-quality handheld sprayer. It’s extremely powerful and is considered as an all-in-one paint sprayer. It’s not only good to paint the furniture but in fact, you can use it for other things as well.
Package content- In the whole package, you not only get this paint sprayer for furniture but besides that, you get some other important things as well. You get 1.3L cup, cleaning brush, viscosity cup, additional nozzle and paint strainer.
Speedy painting- gone are the days when people had to spend many weeks in order to complete the painting job as they used to paint using brushes or rollers. Now, you can use this sprayer and you can complete the painting job 3 times faster as compared to the rollers and brushes.
Three patterns- You are not provided with the single pattern of painting design but actually, three different patterns are available that are the horizontal fan, vertical fan, and circular fan. In this way, you can bring some variety and style in the painting and you can choose any of these patterns.
Low overspray- This painting device is really good to deal with sealers, spray stains and other types of this material in an efficient way. Hence there will be less consumption of the paint and in a limited budget; you can get your furniture painted.
Technical details:
Item weight: 4.25 pounds
Item dimensions: 11 x 5.5 x 13.6 inches
Model number: PW25150
Color: Blue
Voltage: 120 Volts

If you have been looking for the pros of this paint sprayer then I will not let you wait a lot as I am going to explain its pros here:

  • If you want a professional quality of Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture then you can prefer this sprayer because the manufacturer itself claims that it is a professional level product.
  • This paint sprayer is portable and handheld and that’s why it is extremely convenient to use.
  • It supports 3 times speedier painting as compared to paint brushes and rollers. There is no need to make yourself tired and even you see that if you paint using a brush or roller, you do not get flawless result but some marks may appear. You will not face such issues in case of this painting device.
  • Another important thing about this product is that it is suitable for all purposes. Its usage is not only limited to painting furniture but you can paint your cabinets, walls, cars, etc.

Along with some pros, you have to hold your breath because there are some cons or the limitations of this paint sprayer as well. Let’s go through these cons one by one:

  • It may spread paint fumes and in this way, the paint will be wasted. If you paint using a brush, you do not find this issue but this loss can be compensated because, on the other hand, you are getting speedy results.
  • You may need to apply various coatings to get the final results. In one coating, you cannot find the best results.


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