Ouya LVLP Spray gun set, R200T

Ouya LVLP Spray gun set, R200T

It is a spray gun that you can use for a variety of purposes. There are many people who own this spray gun and they all have shared positive reviews about it. It means that there is something good that’s why people prefer to have this painting device. Once you will have it then you will not have any need to look for any expert painter because you will be able to paint yourself with ease and same level of expertise.
The following features have been found prominent in it:
Spray capacity- The spray capacity for this spray gun is 1000 CC and it can bear a total weight of 0.48 kgs. The spray capacity of this spray gun is really better as compared to many other painting devices. If it would be too small then it would cause interruption in your painting job and if it would be too high then it would affect the performance of this paint sprayer and would become heavy to hold.
Nozzle size- the nozzle size of this best LVLP Spray gun is 1.7mm that is extremely suitable to perform the painting job appropriately.
Spray range- I am sure you would be interested to know about the range of its spray. Actually the manufacturer has mentioned that the spray range in case of this paint sprayer is 180-250mm.
Durable nozzle- The nozzle of this LVLP Spray gun is durable enough and because of this reason, it is good enough to support long term performance.
Technical details:
Item weight: 3.97 pounds
Model number: R200T
Color: Silver
Power source: Air-powered


Do you want to know about the benefits of this paint sprayer! There are the following benefits that you get from it:
  • The needle and nozzle are durable and these are really good for long term performance.
  • This paint sprayer is light weight and hence it is portable.
  • You can get the best even coverage with the help of this LVLP Spray gun.


To be very honest, we researched a lot about this spray gun and we found a lot of benefits but we could not find any side effect of this product. We have finally agreed that it is really a professional kind of LVLP Spray gun that suits fit to the painting needs. Whether you want to paint your furniture items or you are interested in painting your cars or walls, you will find this best LVLP Spray gun simple to use and efficient.

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