Graco Ultra corded airless handheld paint sprayer 17M359


What a stylish and top quality sprayer is here for you! Do you want to accomplish the painting job yourself! Do you want to paint your cabinets in a highly professional way but without hiring a professional? Do you want to accomplish the painting job within less time? If the answers to all of these questions are yes then you have luckily come to know about the best paint sprayer for cabinets. You must explore the features, technical details, pros and cons of this amazing painting device!
Stainless steel components- all the components of this painting device are composed of stainless steel and it adds durability to this model. These components are further bonded with high-quality polymer and that means that your paint sprayer will not bear corrosion or other issues for many years.
Smart control- Even you will get the professional finishes while painting with full speed. The pressure control in case of this painting device is really professional and efficient enough and hence it provides consistent spray fan. You will not bear fluctuation in its pressure like you may face in case of many other sprayers.
RAC Switch tips- Reverse-A-Clean switch tips are there that are really perfect for producing exceptional painting results.
Procontrol- It not only provides the normal control to the users but in fact, this paint sprayer for cabinets provides Procontrol thus you can get the best quality results. You will be able to paint your cabinets in a speedier way even while getting professional and best quality coating. Because of its Procontrol, you get the best results even in first coating and there is no need to waste the paint and time in coating again and again.
Technical details:
Product weight: 8.9 pounds
Product dimensions: 17.4 x 12.7 x 7.6 inches
Model number: 17M359
Color: Blue
Volt: 120

This paint sprayer for cabinets has so many pros that you will become satisfied with it. It will, in fact, be a one-time investment because once you get this product, you can use it for many years and you can perform the painting jobs yourself. The following are the main benefits of this model:

  • It is a product that provides professional finishing on your cabinets and even in one coating.
  • It paints the cabinets evenly and does not produce any stains or marks.
  • This model is the best for those individuals who have been looking for a quality product in less amount of money.

Wait!! Till not, you have just come to know about its pros but still, you need to explore its cons as well. The following are some of the minor cons of this product:

  • Although you can paint your cabinets yourself with the help of this device you should acknowledge that professional painters are no doubt professionals. They can paint in the best way ad compared to you.
  • The life of this painting device may be affected if you do not take care of it and if you do not clean it after every use.

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