Fuji Gravity HVLP Spray System 2203G

This sprayer is really ideal to paint cabinets and even other items of furniture. In a limited budget, you can have this paint sprayer that can seriously make the painting job super simple. It seems a quite simple product but in terms of its functions and usage, it is seriously versatile. In simple words, it is a model that you must consider because it is seriously fit for meeting the painting needs of any home.


Want to explore the furniture of this paint sprayer! Want to know how this model can actually serve to paint your cabinets! There are the following main features that you will observe when you will use it:
Professional non-bleed spray gun- It is seriously a professional spray gun that does not let the paint bleed and that is good to complete the painting job in an efficient manner. If you have been looking for a professional and even non-bleed spray gun then it is the one that you should consider.
Metal turbine case- The composition of its turbine case consists of metal and that’s why it avoids corrosion. The metallic body of its turbine actually increases its life.
Handy gun holder- It is a handy gun holder that you can hold easily and in fact, the weight of this paint sprayer for cabinets is very less. In this way, it becomes easy for everyone to use it. Hence, whether you want to paint just a single cabinet or all the cabinets of your home, you should consider this one.
400CC gravity cup- The capacity of its gravity cup is 400CC that is really good enough. You can fill in enough amount of paint in it and hence you can carry on painting your home without any interruption. It will save the time and you will not get bored. There are many paint sprayers that do not have much capacity and you need to fill the paint in them frequently. In this way, you may get bored.
Air control valve- The product has an air-control valve that is good for avoiding bounce back and overspray.

Technical details:

Product weight: 26.1 pounds
Product dimensions: 16 x 9.5 x 12.5 inches
Model number: 2203G
Color: Blue
Hose Length: 225 ft.

I am sure that when you will know about the pros of this paint sprayer, you will feel satisfied that finally, you have come to know about the best paint sprayer. There are the following benefits of this product:

  • It is quite simple to setup, adjust and use. Even if you are not an expert, you can use this paint sprayer for cabinets.
  • It will give a professional coating to your cabinets and thus it will give them a genuine look.

Now, you should know about the cons of this product as well. The following are a few cons to it:

  • This product may be a bit expensive as compared to many other models because of its metallic body.
  • It is very efficient but still, it is not a substitute for expert painters.

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