Critter Spray Product 22032 118SG Siphon Gun


There is literally no need to hire someone for painting your furniture next time because Critter has really made this job easy for you. Critter spray product 22032 118SG Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture is an ideal gun even for the beginners and so you will be able to paint your furniture in an efficient way and even within less time. Hence, you don’t need to be an expert to get professional finishes but you need to have this sprayer at home.
Accessories– You gets a metal spray gun along with a mason jar that you fill with paint, lacquer or stain in order to paint the furniture.
Fixing– the fixing of this spray gun with that mason jar is really simple and solid and you will not feel any leakage after fixing it. Everyone can fix them together independently and make them ready to use.
Adaptable with other jars- If you want to fix this sprayer with any other jar rather than the particular one that you get along with this product even then you can do it because it is really simple and this spray gun is adaptable with many other jars.
Easy to maintain– After using it and after completing the painting job, you can simply clean it and store it. This spray gun can be maintained and used for many years.
Don’t you feel that these features are enough to meet up your requirements! Just have this spray gun and enjoy painting your furniture!
Technical details:
Item weight: 1.96 lbs.
Package dimensions: 8 x 6.7 x 4.2 inches
Model number: 22032


Want to explore the pros of this spray gun! Want to know how this product can serve you! Well, here are the main benefits of it:

  • It is a product that does not require someone to be an expert. You can use it with the same level of ease even if you are going to use it for the first time.
  • This spray gun provides professional finishes and no one will imagine that you have painted the furniture yourself or some professional painter has done this job.
  • Once you paint your furniture with this gun, you become tension free for at least 2 years because the paint will look like new.


Although the product is extremely useful and this spray gun is even very common in use but there are a few drawbacks that I would like to highlight. Here are its cons:

  • Although the manufacturer claims that beginners can also use it easily and can get professional finishes but still, there is no comparison of this paint with the work of professional painters.
  • If you do not maintain it properly then its life will be affected. After every use, you should clean it and store it properly.

How to use it?
You should go through instructions manual before using it and then adjust the spray gun tip as per those instructions. Then you have to add 10% spirit in the paint to make it thin and then pour this mixture in the Mason jar. Set the compression in order to maintain the pressure and then you are ready to start painting. Don’t forget to cover your mouth area and nose with a mask when you are painting especially if you are allergic to such things.

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