Campbell Hausfeld Airless Sprayer, PS261C

Gone are the days when you had to depend on anyone for getting your homes and furniture painted and refreshed. You will have heard a saying, “Jack of all trades, and master of none.” However, this saying has proven wrong in this era of the time because the advancement in science and technology has let everyone to become an expert of almost everything. In the same way, why to depend on anyone else for getting your homes panted if you can do it yourself? You don’t need to paint using a brush or any such difficult and traditional method but there are airless sprayers available. One of the best airless paint sprayers has been introduced by Campbell Hausfeld and that is airless sprayer PS261C.
Are you interest to explore the interesting and unique features of Campbell Hausfeld airless sprayer, PS261C? Well, don’t go away and continue reading carefully!
Semi-pneumatic tires- This painting device has semi-pneumatic tires and that’s why this device is simple to move. It has actually been invented not only for indoors but also for outdoor areas and in fact, you can use it for commercial level projects.
Tip size- Different paint sprayers have different tip sizes and when it comes to Campbell Hausfeld airless sprayer PS261C, it can produce as maximum as 0.017 inches of tip size. It’s enough to produce smooth and professional finishing.
Warranty- the Company has offered lifetime guarantee not only on its diaphragm but also on its motor. There are just a few brands who offer a warranty on the motor and hence you will be lucky if you choose this painting sprayer rather than any other.
No compressor needed- The best thing about this best airless paint sprayer is that you do not need any compressor to use it. It is because of the reason that the design of this sprayer is compact.
Still, you are not impressed! Well, you can have a look at the technical details of this product and even you can check the discount rates provided by the company. After all, it is a very economical painting device and so I am sure that many people will prefer it.
Technical details:
Item weight: 60.5 pounds
Item dimensions: 24.5 x 20.2 x 25 inches
Model number: PS261C


When you will bring Campbell Hausfeld, PS261C into use, you will find the following pros:

  • The best thing about this airless paint sprayer is that the company provides the lifetime warranty on its pump as well as motor.
  • In just a single coating, you get the best results and you don’t need to give the second coating over the surface.
  • There is no need of compressor in this device because it is compact.

Therefore, you can rely on this airless sprayer in order to paint larger surfaces where other sprayers may not work with an equal level of performance.


Do you want to have a look at its side effects or limitations as well? Actually, the users of this device are really happy because it has many benefits but on the other hand, there are the following cons:

  • This model is not lightweight like many other painting devices are. Therefore, if your priority regarding the choice of airless paint sprayer is lightweight then this product will not be suitable for you.
  • The product has been reviewed by a few people only and it means that it’s not so common. Anyways, it really offers unique and impressive features so you can consider it.

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