Best Air Compressor for Paint Sprayers

which will atomize the paint nicely, a paint sprayer should generally be installed to a few shape of an air deliver. most effective airless models and some HVLP models are able to get away with now not having an air compressor hookup. in order to discover the right air compressor for a paint sprayer, there are certain concerns that need to be evaluated all through the purchasing manner. We’ll take you via each of these concerns nowadays.

The Best Chart for Air Compressors Made for Paint Sprayers

perhaps you have already got a very good idea of what you’re going to want in an air compressor. The chart beneath capabilities the first-rate options which are to be had in the marketplace proper now so that you can quick examine and contrast them to discover your best solution.

How to Find the Best Air Compressor for Me? 

maximum paint sprayers don’t really want loads of PSI so as for them to operate. many of them characteristic well at simply 10 PSI. this means a extra recognition should be located at the cubic toes in step with minute [CFM] rating this is on each compressor. A better CFM means a faster common air compression technique, permitting the compressor to hold up with the demands your paint sprayer places upon it.
when you’ve discovered your chosen paint sprayer, it is important to take a look at what the CFM score is from the producer’s advice. Then just compare that determine to what every air compressor has to provide and you’ll be capable of match up capability and price. This works even when you have some of the extra uncommon paint sprayers, consisting of the HVHP [high volume high pressure] or LVLP [low volume low pressure] options.
this can emerge as a problem for some paint sprayers. You’ll find that some models will provide you with a 12-14 CFM rating. That may be tough to offer for any transportable air compressor, which means you’ll want to spend money on a business grade dual-tank option.
The exception to the guideline here is for air brushing. these commonly want a low CFM and require little or no PSI, so just about any air compressor will work.

How to Fix Common Issues with Air Compressors and Paint Sprayers

You need to have a natural float of air for your paint sprayer to properly paintings. If there may be any moisture in the air this is getting used to atomize the paint, then you’ll modify the viscosity of the paint introduced on the floor being labored on. fixing this hassle calls for a clear out to separate the moisture from the environment.
Tailing can also be a common hassle whilst using paint sprayers with an air compressor. This happens because your pressure ranges are too low. in place of shifting closer to the surface being painted to risk having the paint run, pause for a second to let the pressure ranges equalize. except you have a big compressor being used, there will be instances whilst you’ll need to let your compressor capture as much as the paintings you’ve been doing.
in case you use your air compressor for more than one equipment, along with a nailer or a finisher, then you can discover that there could be a few oil contamination inside your lines as well. This also changes the viscosity of your paint and can even save you it from adhering effectively. in this instance, it’s miles essential to have traces which can be specially devoted to the portray work you’re doing.

6 Facts to Keep In Mind While Shopping for an Air Compressor

simply because your CFM scores are less than encouraged by the paint sprayer producer doesn’t imply you can not integrate the two gear. It without a doubt approach you will now not be able to paint continuously.
Small compressors may be chained together to create higher CFM tiers when necessary. you may additionally add spare tanks to small portable compressors to get the results you want.
Horsepower is an vital attention, however best when measured with CFM and PSI. A 1 HP compressor that provides you 6 CFM at forty PSI is good enough in case your paint sprayer calls for 4-6 CFM to operate.
Air compressors can generate a variety of warmth even as they may be operating, specially the portable oil-much less sorts which are used for primary DIY work. this can affect the final consequences of a painted surface if the work is being finished in an enclosed room. Having an enclosed area be properly ventilated is vital for personal protection, but it is also essential for a smooth end as well.
call brand air compressors generally tend to supply extra regular effects. This isn’t continually authentic, of course, but a call emblem compressor usually comes prepared with a higher motor and this can assist you to squeeze out an extra CFM or .
continually try and get the maximum CFM and maximum PSI that you can manage to pay for. If you can get a 2 HP air compressors that grants at the least eight CFM at forty PSI, then you’ll be able to use maximum paint sprayers fairly properly without the want to chain extra tanks or compressors to your setup.

What Are the Prices of Air Compressors for Paint Sprayers?

The rate range for an air compressor to begin painting is quite various. some of the smaller air compressors can price less than $seventy five in case you watch for a great sale. At the alternative end of the spectrum, you may discover $1,000 contractor-grade air compressors that slightly deliver enough CFM for you to paintings continuously.
We advise looking at transportable or pancake air compressors for maximum DIY desires. If essential, you could chain or extra collectively and avoid the want for a 220v outlet with the right extension cords. have to you follow that direction, you may count on to pay from $150to$250 for most air compressors, depending on what specific options you want to have on the unit.


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